Patient Profiling

Patient profiling will give you an understanding of your patients as customers and enabling you to have better patient handling preparation based on the patient’s characteristics. This includes specific information relating to allergens that will be shown on top of the screen for that patient’s profile.

Electronic Medical Record

This feature is available with simple, basic medical information and considered as the first step for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to record the patient’s examination electronically. This system provides a good entry into medical records.

Integration Ready

It is very easy to add more modules from Ksatria eHospital upon availability. Furthermore, integration with other system can be achieved easily when necessary. For Indonesian markets, we ensure that you can connect with BPJS.


Efficiently manage patient appointments by integrating to doctor’s schedule, reminders, and the capability to handle large appointment requests.

- Appointment Management
- Waitlist Management
- Integrated Doctor Schedules


Scan and display. Voila: fast data retrieval!


Assists hospital in receiving optimum payments by providing a trackable, comprehensive claim submission to relevant insurance provider.

- Health Benefit Providers
- Eligibility Verification
- Government Integration

Doctor Compensation

Centralizing the business rules to accurately calculate doctors' compensation, giving hospitals visibility into doctor’s payments with minimal effort.

- Centralised Compensation Rules
- Ultimate Flexibility
- Automatic Tax Calculations
- Full Transaction Audibility

Facility and Ward Management

Improve the information required for providing care to patients with centralized facility booking and management.

- Facility Catalogue
- Maintenance Management
- Bookings

Master Patient Index

A complete set of patient’s essential information that will be used across services to ensure care is properly delivered to the right person.

- Master Patient
- Patient Merging

Medical Staff Scheduling

Flexible doctor’s schedule management.  Accessible from any service, allowing efficient doctor’s services bookings.

- Staff and Service Calendars
- Patient Appointments and Registrations
- On-Duty and Off-Duty Schedules
- Group Scheduling
- Repeating Schedules
- Patient Impact Assessments


A gateway for patients to receive treatment. Hospitals need a streamline registration and admission process when transferring the patients to the required services as soon as possible. Ksatria eHospital does that.

- Employe MCU Registration
- Multiple Services
- Duplicate Checking
- Printed Queue Tickets
- Referrals and Follow-Up Appointments
- Eligibility Checks
- Down Payment
- Emergency Registrations
- Admissions, Discharges and Transfers


Speed up registration and material transaction process.

Tariff and Billing

Allows hospital to manage multiple tariff models and provide payment method flexibility for patients. Automatic charging and charged-by-unit ensure correct billing for optimum revenue.

- Reporting
- Finance System Integration
- Product and Services Catalogue
- Support for Full Revenue Cycle
- Pricing Engine
- Automated Charging
- Multiple Payment Types
- Government Integration
- VAT Support

Government Interface

Ksatria eHospital provides an API to communicate easily with government applications when it is mandated.Only applicable in selected countries, more coming soon.

- Integration with Indonesian SEP
- Integration with Indonesian INA CBG
- Integration with PCARE


Available for Indonesian Markets.The integration with BPJS (SEP, INACBG) will ensure hospitals have proper BPJS service administration such as checking patient’s membership status online, tracking the BPJS benefit usage and providing necessary reports.

Critical Care

Easy data entry of observations reduces workload on clinicians and graphical observation charts make it easy for clinicians to track patient progress. Ksatria eHospital also provides extensive critical care functions such as ICU, NICU, PICU etc.

- Familiar Functionality
- Support for HDU, ICU, ICCU, PICU, NICU, Burns and Stroke
- Observation Charts
- Consultation Notes
- Daily Care Management
- Blood Transfusions
- Transfers
- Discharge Summaries
- Billing


Save doctors and patients time by allowing cross services order from any point of care. Using less paper reducing your financial and environmental impact.

- Medical Procedure Orders
- Diagnostic Support Order
- Inpatient Admission Orders
- Referrals
- Outpatient Follow-up Appointments
- Medication Orders
- Tracking
- Blood Bank

Electronic Medical Record

Improve patient safety by reducing the risk of patient mishandling with complete, timely and easily accessible patient medical histories.

- Electronic Medical Record
- Paperless Hospital
- Service Specific Records
- Data Quality Audits

Diagnostic Support

Avoid data discrepancy with single order entriesto diagnostic support and get the results timely. This will lead to an efficient patient flow.

- Service-Specific Order and Results
- Status Tracking
- Automated Charging
- Audiometry Testing

Accident and Emergency

This specifically designed function will ensure medical staff can focus on delivering emergency treatment. When a patient needs to be transferred to other services, all necessary information is already there.

- Fast Assessment
- Triage and Monitoring
- Electronic Medical Record
- Streamlined Admissions
- Post Emergency Care
- Billing


All doctors and nurses can enter information ina consolidated set of progress notes, so all clinicians have full visibility into patients' progress. This includes Day-To-Day data entry for daily observation. 

- Admissions, Discharges and Transfers
- Clinical Management
- Familiar Functionality

Delivery Room

Comprehensive care plans and checklists for all stages of pregnancy will ensure the hospitals are providing optimal care throughout a patient's pregnancy. This includes new-born recording which provides detailed reports on births in the hospital.

- All Stages of Pregnancy
- Partograph
- New-born Details
- Obstetrics and Gynecology History
- Admissions and Bookings

Operating Theater

Standardized surgery procedures, including assessments and checklists, help hospitals ensure that every surgery is planned according to clinical standard

- Surgical Information
- Pre-Operative Care
- Intra-Operative Cate
- Post-Operative Care
- Complications
- Surgical Team
- Patient Flow


Easy to use screen that allows doctors in outpatient services to record examination result timely. Furthermore, each specialist will have their own examination details to provide more accurate information.

- Follow-up and Referrals
- Streamlined Admissions
- Specialty Specific Features
- Specialty Specific History
- Familiar Functionality
- Billing


Speed up the prescription preparation and issuance process to reduce patient’s wait time in the pharmacy unit. Integration with warehouse & inventory will allow for effective and profitable processes on this essential unit.

- Electronic Ordering
- Medical Record Integration
- Dispensing
- Pharmacy Label
- Integrated Stock Control
- Retail Pharmacy Support
- Dispense Approvals
- Payments


Allows purchasing department to create purchase orders electronically to save time, thanks to supply chain module integration.

- Electronic Purchasing Requisitions
- Purchase Orders
- Stock Threshold Warnings
- Approvals
- Receipt Management
- Returns

Warehouse and Inventory

Ability to track the movement and quantity ofall stocks in the hospital. Features of min/max stock and expired date enable efficient procurement planning. Multiple warehouse configurations will improve the accountability of inventory management.

- Stock Management
- Internal Requisitions and Stock Transfers
- Stock Out and Over Stock Prevention
- Expiration Management
- Approval Processes
- Multiple Warehouses
- Integrated

Catalogue and Supplier

A single place for stocks and supplies master data to give purchasing department complete overview to make effective purchasing decision.

- Stock Catalogue
- Supplier Information
- Multiple Suppliers
- Flexible Pricing